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Testamonial: Eileen is sincere and wholehearted about her work and has a fountain of knowledge about her subject matter which she is happy to share with others.       E. M. Kerry

Dear Eileen,
I greatly enjoyed the five day retreat I spent with you in Kerry in October 2017.
I thought I would be bored with all the space in the day but this turned out to be a bonus as I enjoyed many walks and chats.
It is rare for me to have time for myself and others where I am not under constant pressure.
Starting the day with herbal tea and group meditation was a luxury I don’t normally permit myself.
Contrary to my expectations I didn’t starve on the ‘light wholefood diet’ and in the following weeks I felt completely rejuvenated in both mind and body.
I work part time and I am a carer so the new lease of life which I got from your retreat was priceless.
Many thanks
Beth Dennehy

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