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The many faces of mood and mental health issues and decreasing brain function

Are you experiencing low moods, worried, stressed, anxious ?  or maybe your brain isn’t functioning as well as it used to ?

Most people have these feelings coming and going in their lives at different times but its when these feelings impact on our quality of life that it becomes a real problem for the person and indeed for their loved ones.

Our Mental Health needs care and attention just the same as our physical health does but all too often it gets neglected. We are not sure of our feelings and can often use alcohol, drugs or over-eating to cover up. It can be especially difficult for a young person to put into words what they feel and sadly some people have felt like this all their lives. For older people its scary to think they may be getting forgetful so they cover it up. But it need not be so.      Personalised Nutritional Therapy can play a part in taking care of our mental health in several ways:

  • balancing our blood sugars by eating a good balanced diet
  • nutrient therapy – eating particular foods or taking supplements to build up vitamins and minerals that you may be short of and foods that may help balance your moods
  • avoiding foods which you may be sensitive to
  • Note: testing may be recommended in order to determine the best course of action for you as an individual

Eileen has taken part in specialized training in the areas of mental health and alzheimers. See links below

Medication should always be taken according to doctors advice.

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