proteinketo for weight loss, keto for brain health, keto for epilepsy…….the list goes on.

The ketogenic diet has been found to support people going through various illnesses and indeed can be spectacular when it comes to weight loss.

Getting into Keto

I can guide you through eating the Keto Way, meal plans, receipies and answer any questions you might have thus avoiding any pitfalls e.g. the keto flu which many people experience when becoming ‘fat adapted’. So if you need to lose weight or support with an illness ?   then read on and see if the keto way is the right way for you

So what kind of diet is this ?   another fad diet ?   another diet to be started on a Monday and broken by Friday because of hunger, cravings or boredom ?        No, it isn’t any of these things. In fact its not a diet so much as a way of eating and living. Many experts reckon it’s the way stone age man would have eaten from time to time depending on the season and availability of food.

So, we are not living in the stone age any more and all types of foods are abundant in any season, so that’s a good thing, we have choice and variety. Unfortunately many people don’t make healthy food choices. You only have to look into the shopping trolleys in supermarkets to see the proof of this. Much of it is processed carb, a little protein and little or no fat. This kind of eating long term leads to chronic illness and obesity.

Keto for weight loss and general health does not restrict carbs as much as keto for the more serious illnesses as mentioned above.  It is this less restrictive keto that we will explore.

The way to go: carbs are kept to under 50g, protein a normal portion and fat has to be upped as this is where you will get your energy from. Added bonus is that fats keep you feeling full and satisfied for longer – hence no cravings !

Typical daily values:

Carbohydrate under 50gram

Protein 60-90 gram depending on your weight and exercise

Fat 160gram

Meal plans are devised on the above including as many nutrients as possible so you are not missing out.

Testamonial:  I would like to testify that the five days I spent with Eileen Hannon and the group on a a Keto semi-fast count among some of the best days of last year. The comraderie was wonderful, the schedule was ‘kind’ and for me the detox proved to have great health benefits. Eileen is sincere and wholehearted about her work and has a fountain of knowledge about her subject matter which she is happy to share with others.  E. M. Kerry