relaxationTera-Mai Reiki & Seichem is a highly effective method of natural healing for people, animals and all living things.           Reiki is the ancient art of universal life force which activates our potential  for self healing.


Testamonial:   ‘Reiki Healing brings me into a deep state of relaxation where true healing can happen when I open to and allow it’ Marie, Limerick


  • unites us with the source and essence of all life
  • releases emotional blockages
  • relieves stress and creates deep relaxation
  • activates the body’s natual abillity to heal itself
  • always adjusts to the needs of the receiver
  • detoxifies the body and raises the vibration of the whole energy system
  • unites us with the source and essence of all life

A Reiki healing session is very relaxing and gentle. The client lies fully clothed and covered with a blanket on a reiki/massage table. It is a hands on healing method with the hands gentle touching the client or held just above the body within the energy field. Powerful healing can take place and one must be prepared to allow this healing to happen – be gentle on yourself.

I am a Reiki/Seichem master and have been practising and teaching Reiki for over 20 years.

Our energy centres

Eileen Hannon              Tera- Mai Reiki/Seichem master