Testamonial:    ‘The weight loss program was very informative. Eating plans easy to follow and I was never hungry. I did it for weight loss and health. I feel so much better and the weight loss is great also. I’m well on the way to a new me and can highly recommend Healthyways’ P.W.Limerick

Are you feeling tired,  bloated and  maybe carrying a few extra pounds ?

If YES then this program is for you

Healthy Weighs is a one to one Personalised Weight Loss and Sugar Balancing Program – lose up to a stone in 6 weeks on a Low Carb meal plan


Program is implemented by a qualified and experienced Nutritional Therapist who will be able assess your nutritional needs and listen to your health concerns.
After completion of a questionnaire including food preferences a unique personalised menu plan is created based on Low Carb meals.
This along with lifestyle changes, coaching and goal setting will lead to balancing blood sugar levels and thus reducing weight.
This increases your chance of living a longer and healthier life. Healthy Weighs program is implemented on a one to one basis over 6 weeks. For most people this is the ideal length of time to start and implement a new healthier eating plan and balance your blood sugars. Where weight loss is a goal one can expect to lose

up to 14lbs in this length of time.

Healthy Weighs 6 week program consists of:

1st Consultation                                            1 hour                                                                 Follow up                                                       40 mins                                                                 Weigh-in and food diary reviews        4 by15min.each                                                        Plus individual menu plans, recepies and lifestyle advice.

Program is available in Limerick City and County by Eileen Hannon Dip NTketo diet